Water with the quality of bottled water with NO chemicals added

ECOsmarte®  has the only method that can sanitize your pool or spa water without
chemicals. This system costs less than 1euro per month to operate, not to mention electrical
savings from reduced filtration. Once you install an ECOsmarte® 100% Chlorine-Free
System, you will have major savings by eliminating chemical expenses.
Each unit comes with an easy installation and operation guide .

With chemical maintenance of your pool, the mere bleaching of hair, drying of skin and
burning of the eyes should alert you to the health and environmental risks associated with
chemically treated swimming pool water.  

ECOsmarte® provides you with a chlorine-free and salt-free alternative for pool water
treatment today.
Why expose your family and friends to the known risks of cancer causing agents or to skin
absorbed sodium?

The ECOsmarte® system requires NO regular chemicals to sanitize the water.

The ECOsmarte® Ion Purification system produces copper ions electrically charged which are
unstable atoms that bond with organic matter.  The copper ions kill bacteria and other
organisms when the bonding occurs, effectively sanitizing your pool.
The oxidation process, which is the burning up of the dead organic matter,(killed by the
copper ions) is achieved by the ECOsmarte® titanium electrodes.  The titanium produces
multiple forms of oxygen, resulting in a natural, non-chemical 'shock' to clean and clarify the
swimming pool water.

As the pool owner you will need to do normal pool housekeeping, such as pH and filter
monitoring.  The difference? No chlorine and you have fresh oxygenated water.  
Programmable systems are available which use C02 to lower the pH levels automatically.  The
electrode chamber combines 100% pure copper with proprietary coating for ionization and a
titanium composite electrode for oxidation.  This pre wired chamber is built to your pipe size,
replacing 12" of your above ground pressure line.  Every time your pump runs, all the water in
your swimming pool is oxidised as it passes through the electrode chamber.  Once per week
(if you have the manual system) you will switch your system to the ionize mode.  The
programmable system does this automatically.

Titanium anodes are currently the environmentally safe, world class standard for nuclear
wastewater treatment and paper pulp water purification.  Titanium produces no toxic
by-products and creates powerful oxidisers to sanitize water.

Chlorine is a greenish yellow, poisonous, gaseous chemical element with a suffocating
odour, widely used as a disinfectant.  Chlorine was the first chemical to be used for warfare
during WW1.  Chlorine is toxic and burns eyes, irritates skin and damages hair etc.

Here at MIP we try to offer the best options for your pool sanitation, whilst our automated
chemical methods limit your contact with the chemicals, there is still some handling to dilute or
prepare solutions for automatic addition - also you are still swimming in chlorinated water.  A
study by the American Journal of Public Health indicated that, of the total chemicals taken in
by swimmers, 83%-91% entered the body through the skin.

ECOsmarte® is easy to use, saves you money, provides you with safe, chemical free
sanitized water.

Get ECOsmarte® -  Do It For The Environment and your Family's Health

Some common questions regarding ECOsmarte system:-
I have heard there can be staining when using copper? - The greatest risk of copper
staining occurs when chlorine is added to a pool using copper ionization.  No chlorine should
ever be added to pools using ECOsmarte systems.  The only other time there could be
staining is if the pool owner becomes totally negligent and allows the pH to rise high for a long
period of time and also keeps the unit in the ionization mode continuously.  Copper staining
may then occur under these conditions.  This can be removed by lowering the pH and copper
to normal levels.
Do I need to increase the levels with ECOsmarte if there are more bathers? -
Salt to chlorine and chlorine systems are impacted by changes in temperature of the water,
bather load and sunlight.  All may require extra 'shocking' of the water with chemicals.  
ECOsmarte owners do not have to be concerned about doing anything different to their pool
even if they have 20 kids in it all day.  The pool water will still provide bacterial and algae
protection without altering anything.
How will the ECOsmarte system effect a lie on pool cover and will it adversely effect
my pool liner?
- There are no salt or chlorine fumes to corrode tracks or destroy fibres with
ECOsmarte.  An ECOsmarte system will extend the life of a lie on pool cover.  Vinyl pool liners
in pools using ECOsmarte will not bleach or become brittle over time as they can do with
pools treated with chlorine or salt-chlorine generators.  Salt-chlorine generators are
completely incompatible with automatic lie on pool covers and also eat up solar blankets.
I have heard there are new laws coming in to France re chemicals in backwash - If
this is so, ECOsmarte backwash does not contain salt or sodium, it will not harm the
environment in any way and can be discharged onto a lawn area or veg garden.
Do I still need to shower after using the pool with ECOsmarte? - No, there are no
chemicals to remove from hair or skin, the water will not ruin your swim wear, sting your eyes
dry out your skin or damage your hair, unlike other systems with chemicals.

This system has been in use in the USA for 14 years and is new to France.
ECOsmarte® can be used with both new and existing swimming pools - although water may
need to be emptied and renewed for existing pools to remove chemicals.
 New liner pools
must be pretreated for 6 weeks prior to start up of ECOsmarte system.

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