Quality rectangular reinforced bloc built swimming pools made in France

Hydro-Kit pools are very sound pool structures as not only is the base reinforced with metal
and concrete, but each polystyrene bloc has metal rods through them and liquid concrete
poured in.  Many sizes, shapes and depths are possible.  Many people still prefer the
traditional rectangular pool shape for a swimming pool. We researched for some considerable
time to locate a company in France actually manufacturing rectangular swimming pool kits
here in France, which are of excellent quality but of reasonable cost.  Also of a design
enabling effective water circulation. Why buy French?  Obviously importation costs are not
necessary with products made here, problems regarding delay of delivery can be reduced
considerably .  And why buy a rectangular pool? - It is easier and cheaper to purchase
swimming pool extras such as covers, from any pool source, also one has the full width and
length to swim in straight lines and easily utilise all the pool, it is also better for family
swimming games.  

Hydro-Kit International pools are based in the South of France, producing and marketing a  
concept of reinforced concrete bloc, rectangular pools in France.  These are pools with liners,
flat-bottomed or with the option of  raised end for youngsters/non swimmers.  Wall height can
be easily set at 1.25m, 1.5m or 1.75m, with other heights also possible.  Installation can be
completed comparatively quickly and is at very comparable price.
Both D.I.Y or professional installation possible.

Why not DIY for the satisfaction of building your own pool, the Hydro-Kit bloc built pools for
DIY come with comprehensive English installation manual. If you prefer to self install a quality
bloc built pool with insulation - we will provide back up support if required, to ensure your pool
installation is straight forward.  We will even calculate what it may cost you for materials
needed if required.

There are very nice little touches with the Hydro-Kit International pool  that really add to the
quality, such as the beading that slots into the liner slot to both enhance appearance and
increase security to the liner,i.e. Preventing it from being pulled out accidentally, also the
fillets to the corners reducing the corner angles and hence improving ease of effective water
circulation in a rectangular swimming pool.  Also, with the polystyrene bloc, insulation is
provided by the walls, thus helping to minimize heat loss.

There are many liner choices, with pool liner quality 85/100 for standard blue liner and other
plain colours.  Patterned  liners available at 750:100.  Also pattern border available.  
Options viewable on swimming pool site visit.
We recommend sand filtration units for all Hydro-Kit swimming pools, adding Glass Media
for excellent filtration.  

The Contemporain Hydro-Kit pool has a slip over unit, ideal for DIY as no cutting of the liner is
required, suitable for a swimming pool up to 10 x 5m.  This uses a filtration cartridge which
does involve slightly more work regarding pool care than the sand filtration units.

All Hydro-Kit International swimming pools for professional installation in France include
standard blue or other plain colour liner, sand filtration unit, plumbing, standard matching
Roman End (walk in steps as opposed to ladder type),pool light, edging stones and pump.  
The pump for Hydro-Kit International pools in France, is of German manufacture and is a
cubic metres of water per hour, 3 cv, mono, 3.3 Kw.  It is capable of taking both chlorinated
water and salted pool water.

If salted pool water (i.e. Natural chlorine) is preferred to manufactured chlorinated water for a
Hydro-Kit International swimming pool in France, we can also supply the Hdro-sel electrolyser
for salted pool water. This is compatible with all Hydro-Kit International pools.  
For a non chemical pool, the
ECOsmarte system is completely compatible with all Hydro-kit
swimming pools.
For those who prefer a tiled pool as opposed to a liner pool,
The Hydro-kit bloc built pool with reinforced concrete can be tiled if you prefer.  We
will leave the pool plumbed and fully prepared for your own tiler to apply the special base and
tiles to the walls.

For more information on the
Hydro-kit International swimming pools - Contact us

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Hydro-Kit pools in France with Roman End
Hydro-Kit pools in France, margelles
Hydro-Kit pools in France with slipover filtration
Hydro-Kit pools in France, Classique

Hydro-Kit International swimming pools France

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