Hydro-Kit International swimming pools are constructed with polystyrene
blocs and reinforced concrete.
Suitable for professional installation and with support for DIY
Water circulation can be problematic in rectangular swimming pools.  However, the Hydro-Kit
International pools have overcome this problem.  During installation, small fillets are added
into the corners, making the angles less acute.  Together with effective filtration units on
offer, a Hydro-Kit construction provides a pool with filtration which has total water movement  
throughout the swimming pool.
Due to the size of piping a large capacity pump is not required, a maximum of 20 cubic metres
is all that is required for larger pools.
The pool liner is secured with a security beading system which prevents it from being pulled
out inadvertently.

A pool light is fitted as standard with all  models of Hydro-Kit International swimming pools
available from us in Limousin, France.

For an estimate or enquires regarding
Hydro-Kit construction in France, please contact us
Hydro-Kit construction 2
Hydro-Kit construction 3
Hydro-Kit construction 4
Hydro-Kit construction 5
Hydro-Kit construction of shelf
Hydro-Kit construcion liner safety holder
Swimming pool marked out,
hole dug and
gravel base compounded.  
Metal reinforcing laid.
10cm Concrete screed
underway on top of
compounded gravel
Polystyrene blocs laid with
metal trellis through them for
added support and strength
Pool ready for liquid
concrete into blocs
Liner installed and cut into
Roman End steps
Hydro-Kit International
swimming pool
construction and surround
completed, with security
Diagram above shows Hydro-Kit International swimming pool construction with a shelf to
enable a deep and shallow end.  This is constructed on top of the flat base.

Photos above show close up of the Hydro-Kit swimming pool blocs with metal trellis linking
them.  The blocs stack together also interlocking as can be seen by the lego type protrusions
on the end and first  photo.  The middle photo shows the top of the pool with bloc locking
parts removed for smooth finish.

Hydro-Kit swimming pool construction

mip swimming pools france logo
Hydro-Kit bloc 1
Hydro-kit bloc 2
Hydro-kit bloc3
metal trellis for pool
Showing how metal trellis sides
and base link.  Metal trellis also
covers all of the base ensuring the
Hydro-Kit International swimming
pool is incredibly strong and
sound in structure