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We retail and install domestic swimming pools in France -  high quality   
pools, excellent value for money, designed with sound engineering and
construction, for the discerning customer.

You have the choice to opt for complete pool purchase and professional installation
from us for a beautiful family swimming pool in France, or to purchase a pool kit
especially designed for DIY installation - saving you money.  

If you need expert advice on swimming pools in France - we can help.  We provide a
free site visit with no obligation with one of our professional installers in the Limousin
and surrounding areas. Assistance with planning permission for your pool in France is
included in our service.

Although we can build you a pool to almost whatever shape you require, from our own
experience, we would recommend the classic rectangular shaped pool as offering the
best family fun and swimming area.  We specialise in quality bloc built pools with
reinforced concrete and metal, these pools are suitable for all soil conditions.  These
type of swimming pools can be found throughout France with many company/brand
names.  We retail
 Hydro-Kit swimming pools.  These pools never collapse when the
water is emptied nor do they float out of the pool area in heavy rains as some other
constructions have been known to do.  Bloc built reinforced concrete pools are
considered the highest performance pools available on the market today.

Choosing and designing your pool should be a pleasure, not a chore.
We can assist with your choice not only with our experience and choice of  professional
installation or DIY kits but also our wide range of step options, pool sizes, depths and
liner choices.

Research indicates that holiday home rental in France can increase by 15% with the
addition of an in ground swimming pool, as do property values.  Nowadays most holiday
makers have almost come to expect access to swimming pools.  So, if you have a
property in France, it is a wise investment and increases your/your guests leisure

All of our work comes with a 10 year construction guarantee, as per the law in France
for all outside work.

Laws for swimming pools have been enforced in France since January 2004. It is now
obligatory to have all in ground swimming pools security protected conforming to
AFNOR standards. We can advise you accordingly regarding pool security.

We have been selling and installing swimming pools in France for many years, and we
and our staff are also pool owners.  We actually use the products we sell.   We do not
sell direct over the Internet, a swimming pool purchase is a large investment and
requires discussion and thoughtful informed decision.  We are distributors for pool
companies with over 40 years experience, so your guarantees are secure with us.

Be one up on your competitors with your Gîte, don't just offer the option of a swimming
pool, offer a portable Spa in France as well.

We are also Spa/hot tub specialists in Limousin and offer an extensive line of
portable Spas/hot tubs to meet your every Spa/hot tub type need.  We also
offer the Swim Spas with option of 2 or 6 seater Spa with area for swimming
against a current - ideal for those with a small space or for those who do not
want the hassle of pool maintenance yet still want to swim.  Portable Spas can
be used throughout the year and included in the price is a lockable cover for
insulation and security.  Temperatures can be altered so it can be warm in
winter and cool in summer.  A hot tub is far less expensive than a swimming
pool, installed in half a day, far less maintenance and can really be used and
enjoyed all year long.  See our specialist site for Spas, hot tubs and Infrared
Saunas in France,  

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