We are distributors in France for Aqualarm, conforming to AFNOR standards

This swimming pool alarm is manufactured by Phillips.  It consists of an immersed probe which
reacts to the differences of pressure in the swimming pool water. This data is then transmitted
to the microprocessor which analyzes the signal and eliminates the data such as weather
disturbances,cleaning robot,filtration systems. To swim or arm the alarm, a 4 figure number is
pressed in by use of the keypad - no armbands or keys required.
The Aqualarm is Compliant with the French standard NF P 90-307.  
It is efficient and easy to install and to use.     

Aqualarm Working range
The Standard NF P 90-307 relating to swimming pool alarms states that any fall into the
swimming pool is detected within a maximum of 12 seconds. The pool alarm system cannot be
located more than 7 meters from a possible falling point. This means the Aqualarm is suitable
for a swimming pool radius of up to 7 metres, i.e. Up to a 10 x 5 m pool.  To conform to the
standard, if your pool is larger than this, 2 or more alarms will be required depending on
swimming pool size, in order to meet the standards in France.  If is possible to have a radio
connection so that if you do have more than one pool alarm, they can communicate. This
means that when the user wishes to swim, he just has to type the code on one device only.

Main characteristics of the Aqualarm
Waterproof electronic block with microprocessor
System management by tactile keyboard
Two 115 dB waterproof integrated sirens
Low battery consumption
Powered by 4 standard alkaline batteries LR20 (life expectancy tested in laboratory, without
release of siren : more than 3 years)
Immersed probe
Indication of the state of the system (low level of batteries, radio link state) by light and sound
Case made in shock proof material with anti-UV treatment
Dimensions 255x255x65mm

The Aqualarm is priced at 590€ ttc

The remote siren (pictured top right) can be wall mounted and is useful if your swimming pool
is some way away from the house, costs 390€ ttc.  There is also an alarm touch pad enabling
the alarm to be controlled from the remote unit.
It is imperative that the alarm can be heard by a responsible adult and to be responded to in
less than 3 minutes.
This alarm has been one of the most popular alarms this year. Minimal false alarms have
been recorded, it is easy to install and simple to use.

Please note: A pool alarm is not suitable for every pool in France.  An alarm does not prevent
drowning and is only as effective as the responder.  For those with second homes here, this
is obviously not the best security option. If you use an alarm but there is no-one to respond,
you would still be held responsible and liable to the 45,000€ fine for non-compliance with the
French standards for pool security. i.e. If you go out and leave the alarm on but unattended,
or if you turn the alarm off when
not using the pool.  
If this applies to you, please see the other security options or contact us for advice.

For enquires regarding suitability of an
Aqualarm for your swimming pool in France, contact us
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