These Solar panels for DIY installation are suitable for on the ground
or roof installation

Solar panels  for a swimming pool in France are a method of heating your pool without high
ongoing running costs - running costs incurred only for the electricity for the roof pump or
automated valve and controls.  Heating your pool will increase your pool leisure season. With
a pool being a property investment, isn't it time to further increase your leisure pleasure?
However, solar panels are dependant on the weather being warm to do so, preferably with
plenty of sunshine. If you wish to prolong your swimming season, remember solar panels are
weather dependent.  If there are long spells of dull weather this may not be the best method
to heat your pool.  For prolonging your swimming season please see
heat pumps.
Heat pumps are now considered to be the most efficient method of heating a domestic pool as
they will continue to add heat from the air even at low temperatures.

This system of solar panels for your swimming pool in France is for
DIY installation ONLY.  

With this heating system, one can chose the temperature to maintain the pool water, and also
should it be too hot - it is easy to cool the water down overnight.
And it is all done automatically.

What are the advantages of solar panels for your swimming pool in France?
The initial investment of the purchase of this system is under the price for a heat pump
(pompe a chaleur).  Yet the real advantages of solar panels for your swimming pool in France
over all the other forms of swimming pool heating, is that the running costs are virtually zero
and it does not require expensive maintenance.  These solar panels are guaranteed for 10
years against manufacturing defects.  Not only are you using free heat from the sun, but your
pool is being heated by a totally ecological method - both energy saving and non-polluting.

Are all Solar Heating panels the same?
Solar Panels should not be confused with Solar Mats which use a flat rubber sheet and are
less efficient than panels.  Solar Mats cannot be repaired if they become damaged.  Some
Solar Mats are constructed on site, pushing tubing together and using fixative.  If there is a
leakage, a great deal of water can be lost from the pool.  There are many manufacturers of
Solar Heating panels with several different designs of water flow , but in the main, all rely on
the flow of water through small diameter tubes which are exposed to the suns rays.

How do Solar Panels work?
The pool water is diverted by a valve through the panels, getting the heat from the sun and
returning the warmed water to your pool.  This system uses automatic controls where you set
the temperature you want your pool to be and the controller automatically opens, or closes,
the valve to raise the temperature of the pool to your required level - nothing could be more

What if the sun does not shine?
Solar panels for your swimming pool in France are at their most effective when there is bright
uninterrupted sunshine - which we do get our fair share of here -   but they also add some
heat to the pool on other days when there are clouds in the sky, but only a little.  For more
effective heating in dull weather,
heat pumps are the most effective option.

What size of panels do I need to heat my pool?
As a rough guide the total surface area of the solar panels should be 50% of your pool
surface area if your panels are south facing and at 30 degrees.  It is advisable to use a pool
summer cover to avoid unnecessary heat loss.  

Where should you put the Solar Panels for your swimming pool in France?
Solar panels for your swimming pool in France do not have to be placed near to the pool or
on a roof.  The most effective position for solar panels in France are south facing at an angle
of 30 degrees to the horizontal.  A metal frame can be constructed and they can be hidden by
a hedge or in part of your garden where they are unobtrusive so long as they are not in
shade.  If an ideal situation cannot be found, then the solar panel surface area should be
increased by 10% or 15% to compensate.  Solar panels may also be fixed to a roof.

How effective are Solar Panels?
On a sunny day a correctly designed installation can add 5 degrees Centigrade
( 10 degrees F) to the temperature of the pool.

These solar panels for DIY installation are 6 x 1m with 8 tubes which are coupled together as
Full DIY instructions are available.  
For further queries about
solar panels for DIY installation for swimming pools in France, contact us,
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Solar panels for swimming pools France

For a roof installation the pump is recommended to ensure the water is sent up to the roof.
All connecting tubing to pump etc is 50mm.

For prices:-
Please provide pool size and depth, positioning and if south facing etc.
Please state in which department you reside as amount of panels required also
relates to your area of habitation in France.
For solar panels pricing for you swimming pool in France - contact us

Solar panels for DIY installation for swimming pools in France

If you do not have the room for this amount of solar panels, please consider the option of a
solar panels pump for swimming pools France
solar panels standard kit for swimming pools France
solar panels automatic valve for swimming pools France