Pool covers conforming to AFNOR standards for swimming pool security in

Shown above - summer pool cover for heat retention and winter pool cover.

The greatest heat loss from a swimming pool is from its surface due to evaporation.  
Swimming pool covers reduce evaporation loss and thereby can increase the length of the
pool season.  They also help to keep the pool clean, which further reduces the need for high
levels of chemicals and further lowers both costs and maintenance.

A summer cover is used purely for heat retention.
A roller ensures ease of application and removal.  
 It is reasonable to expect a 3 degree
Centigrade increase in heat retention with the use of a summer pool cover overnight.

Winter swimming pool covers provide protection from debris during the winter months.
The winter pool cover is laid on at the end of season and remains in situ until you are ready
to open the pool again for the coming season.  A roller is not required.  
The winter pool cover is attached by stainless steel pegs to the pool surround and comes
complete with attachments and stainless steel fixings for terracing.

                                               Showing fitting of a winter cover

Safety pool covers

Safety covers are altogether different from the above swimming pool covers.  A safety cover
negates the need for fencing or pool alarm.  It is a complete cover and will provide some heat
retention during the summer.  
We supply the full range of Abriblue covers

Abriblue pool covers conform to AFNOR standards NFP 90-308 and are an accepted method
of security for your swimming pool in France.

There are two types of security cover, barred covers which rest outside of the pool but can be
walked upon, or the lie on pool cover.  Barred covers are cheaper but must be reapplied
whenever the pool area is vacated - even if just for a short while -  in order to comply with the
security standards in France.

Lie on pool covers seem expensive at first, but when compared with price of fencing,
installation of fencing, together with summer and winter covers, the comparison is of little
Open     -  is the lowest priced in the Abriblue range and is manually controlled.  It can be
easily fitted to most new and existing pools.
Open Solar Energy -  is suitable for those who are unable to run electric power cables to their
pool cover
Le Banc - lies boxed on margelles at one pool end.
Imm'ax   -  lies rolled up flat at one end of your swimming pool.

Prices vary depending on size of pool and type of cover, for an estimate for
pool covers, contact us
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Pool covers, summer bubble cover
Pool covers, summer bubble cover insulation diagram
Pool covers, winter swimming pool cover
Pool covers, winter swimming pool cover showing fit
Pool covers, swimming pool manual security cover

Swimming pool covers in France

Manu is unrolled with wheel attachment
Barred security cover forswimming pools in france
Barred security cover easily unrolled with use of rollrot
Manu lie on swimming pool cover for France
pool cover step cut options,France
pool cover colour options, France
summer pool cover roller
winter pool cover skin freeze
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