Our swimming pool security fencing conforms to AFNOR standards for
swimming pool security in France

We are distributors for  Enclôture® mesh and also the new ENCLÔTURE VERRE® security
glass fence for swimming pool fencing in France

Enclôture® Mesh pool fencing, available in brown, green or in black.  It does not matter what
size or shape of your swimming pool in France, Enclôture® fencing can be fitted easily, saving
you installation costs of between 15€ - 25€ per metre.  
Enclôture® fencing has been developed for the French market and conforms to AFNOR
It is the fencing of choice for the hotel industry.  
If a child should run into it, the impact is far softer than that of metal picket style fencing.
RRP in black 238,55€ ttc per section of 5 uprights and 4 panels - length 3.67 metres,
self locking gate 499€ ttc

Enclôture® is purpose built for both DIY or professional installation.  If you prefer DIY
installation of this swimming pool  fencing, all you will require are the tools shown below.
Encloture mesh fencing colours
Fencing , mesh for swimming pools in France
Fencing - Glass encloture swimming pools France
Encloture fencing for swimming pools in France,Diag 1
Encloture fencing for swimming pools in France diag2
Encloture fencing for swimming pools in France, diag 3
Encloture fencing for swimming pools in France diag 4
The new security glass fencing from Enclôture® originates from Australia.
This is the must have fencing!

Having planned your whole pool lay out, taking into considerations the views both of the pool
and from the swimming pool - Why spoil that view!

This fencing is not a cheap option, but certainly provides that added touch of class.
It is recommended for professional installation.  

The ENCLÔTURE VERRE® system is made of a 12 mm toughened glass with rounded and
polished edges. The clamps are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel. They are
designed to hold the glass above the ground allowing water to flow underneath.
It has a Dorma in-floor gate operator, a top pivot hinge, and has a "Magnalatch" system which
operates with a magnetic pull as well as being self closing and self latching. The system is
designed to close gradually without strong impact.  Also different panel sizes are available -
a 1m panel costs 589,93 € ttc, gate 1399,32 € ttc
Installation and materials from 127 euros ttc per panel.
1,5m panel 639,06 € ttc, 2m panel 687,90 €

The fencing is attached with special brackets into the ground and uses an epoxy resin.
Pictures showing base brackets and gate lock.
Encloture glas fencing gate 2
Enloture glass fencing gate
Enclotue glass fencing for swimming pools in France pic
cost 360,06 € ttc per section which equates to 150,03 € ttc per meter.
Self locking gate 674,44 € ttc.
Poolparc is  anti rust treated.

Enclôture® Dutoit swimming pool fencing is available in green,
white or brown and is also anti rust treated.
Sections are 1,50m, 2008 prices 130,34 € ttc per section = 86,89/m,
gate 495 € ttc, posts 43,70 € ttc.  
Specially treated painted panels also available for extra durability,
specialy treated panels of 1,5m costing 143,37€ ttc.

For an estimate for any of these Enclôture® products for
swimming pool fencing in France, contact us
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Encloture glass fencing for swimming pools in France pic 2
envloture verre fencing showing base in close up
For installation
manual for Enclôture
download pdf file
(Adobe required)
Dutoit fencing close up
Dutoit swimming pool fencing pic 2 France
fencing swimming pools France Dutoit 1a
fencing swimming pools france Dutoit 1b
fencing swimming pools france Poolparc 1a
Poolparc fencing swimming pools France c
fencing swimming pools france mesh 9a

Swimming pool security fencing in France