Economic heating for swimming pools in France

Heat pumps work by indirectly using the sun’s energy by extracting heat from the air.
They really work much under the same principle as an air conditioner, or as a fridge in
reverse.  Heatpumps  take whatever temperature is found in the outside air and convert it to
heat water through a series of small tubes within the pump body. Even if the temperature
outside is barely above zero the heat pump will keep adding this to the water going through it,
until your desired water temperature is achieved.
Obviously the warmer the air, the less time taken to heat the pool.
There is an ongoing running cost with heat pumps, cost depending on size of pool,
temperature required and surrounding air temperature. The average hourly running cost for
heat pumps equate to around 0.25 centimes an hour.  

Known as a 'pompe a chaleur', the heat pumps we provide for a family size pool use 2 KW of
power to produce 10 KW of heat per hour on average, but there are a range of pumps
available.  There is a pump to suit most every pool.

Although the weather is considerable better in France than in the UK, heat pumps must have
weather protection.  Some heat pumps also require that  an anti freeze unit is also provided
(anti-gel).  We recommend SwimEnergy - suitable for salt or chemically added chlorine pools
and with an installed protective housing for the compressor.  The pump is guaranteed for 3
years, the titanium exchanger carries a lifetime guarantee.  Prices for heat pumps vary with
size of pool, for an 8 x 4m flat bottom rectangular pool with wall height of up to 1.5m, Swim
Energy heat pumps cost 3900 euros ttc.  

It is recommended that covers (e.g. Summer bubble cover) are used with the pool to retain
the manufactured heat when the pool is not in use.

A heat pump can be installed so that it works on the timer with your swimming pool pump.

Overall, the cost of installing and purchasing a heat pump is generally considered to be
comparable to the cost of a solar heating system purchase and install.  
However, a heat pump takes up far less space and is far quicker, easier and cheaper to
Solar panels will only heat the water when it is warm, in which case you may not be needing
more heat in the water.  
Solar panels require a large amount of space, minimum half the pools surface in panels if
south facing and installed on a roof.
A heat pump will continue to add heat to your required level provided the ambient
temperature is above 5 degrees centigrade.

Heat pumps are considered to be the most efficient means of heating a pool

The heat pumps for swimming pools in France that we install, work purely for your pool.
These heat pumps do not provide heating for your house.  

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