Swimming pool maintenance

It does not matter what type of swimming pool you have in France, your  pool is going to
require regular maintenance.  During the summer swimming months this will be on a daily

Summer swimming pool maintenance

As a general guide, a pool will need a daily visual check of its filtration to ensure there are no
blockages in the skimmers.  Presumably you will have a summer heat retention cover,
however, leaves, small animals and insects can still enter the pool.  We have found
salamanders in ours, also mice, frogs and even a snake! (luckily a grass snake ie non
poisonous)  A lie on pool cover will prevent animals entering the water, as will an Abri.  
However, If there are any unwanted livestock in the pool, these should be removed ASAP.  
They will ultimately die, due to the chemicals in the pool which are too strong for their little
bodies, or they will die due to inability to find the way out.  Rotting corpses are obviously not
good for pool water safety.  Plant matter will also decompose if left in the water and should
also be removed ASAP. Routine daily inspections for animal or vegetable debris is a
necessary part o of swimming pool maintenance in France

If you are expecting people to use the pool on a daily basis during the summer, it is best to
hoover the base of the pool in the morning, while the weather is still cool.  Depending on pool
size and amount of dirt on the bottom, this may take up to 1 hour or more, if doing this by
hand with the cleaning equipment normally provided as standard with the pool.  
The summer cover must be removed prior to the base cleaning pool maintenance.

The pump should also be checked to see that it is functioning properly and that there is no
undue noise or straining - this may indicate a blockage in the filters.  The water should come
right up to the top of the pump, visible through the top clear inspection area as provided with
all our swimming pools in France.

If you have cartridge filtration, straining on the pump means it is way past time to clean those
filters.  On average the cartridge filters will need to be removed weekly and hosed down until
clean, then returned to the pool.  You will need to turn the pump off to reduce the pressure in
order to remove the filters and also protect the pump whilst cleaning is underway.  If pool use
is high and/or there is stormy weather, the filters may need cleaning more often.  Some areas
often effected by flying ants who seem to be on a suicide mission - these have to removed
and cleaned out of the filters.  Hence cartridge filters require more care as part of the pool

Sand filtration merely requires turning of a valve to backwash the sand.  The pump is not
turned off for this.  Glass Media requires the same backwashing but less often and with less
water. (Low pool maintenance)

In the evening the summer cover needs to be replaced when swimming has finished to retain

The water condition must also be checked regularly.  At least weekly, more often if pool usage
is high and/or  weather stormy depending on your pool sanitation.  Test kits are available for
this from DIY shops and are perfectly suitable for domestic family pools.  After checking the
pH and chlorine levels, chemicals may need to be added to adjust the readings into the
recommended areas.  Allow time for the pool water to circulate and the chemicals to work
before retesting.  
Swimmers should not be allowed into the pool if the readings are not in the advised
dilutions nor directly after the addition of pool chemicals.
Hand dosing of chemicals is not a pleasant task, often when the container lids are raised,
gases are released, which can cause coughing and watering eyes.  Care must be taken as
pool chemicals are often toxic in concentrated amounts. Ensure you have read the directions
and add the correct amounts as stipulated in the instructions.  This is an important part of
pool maintenance - even if you do not speak French you should be able to ascertain the
amounts to be added.

Winter care
Once the pool season has finished, care diminishes a little, although the water condition and
pool base cleaning, visual checks of skimmers etc must still be made.  Pool care really only
stops once the pool is overwintered and the winter cover is in place with the pump turned off
and drained. It is advisable to close your pool leaving it in a clean condition rather than be
sadly disappointed at the state of when it is next opened.

Pool care made easier
Swimming pool care can be made easier by the addition of automated chemical addition and
monitoring of chlorine and pH.  Or opting for the no chemical sanitation with the
Also robots make swimming pool cleaning a more restful experience.
These additions do not come cheap!

For a pool robot, prices start at about 600 euros ttc to 3K euros
Automated swimming pool chemical controllers come in various price ranges as well, basically
you get what you pay for with both robots and automated chemical units. ECOsmarte is a
different unit altogether using copper electrodes and carbon dioxide for the pH.
We have tried and tested many of the products we retail and can therefore vouch for their
reliability and ease of use.

For further information on swimming pool maintenance in France, contact us.
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Swimming Pool maintenance in France