Water safety for your
swimming pool in France

Water clarity, peace of mind, with ease of chlorine chemical additions and pH
control for your swimming pool.
Before deciding on which type of pool to purchase, we first need to look at water hygiene and
water clarity.  It does not matter what type of pool you have in France.  Water safety and ease
of pool water care become an issue with a swimming pool.

If you have chosen to use either chlorine chemical or chlorine in salt, be advised that hot
weather, thundery weather and/or increase in number of swimmers increases the demand on
active chlorine.  Demands further increase as nitrogens increase in the water.  This means
water safety may be compromised unless frequent water testing with additions of chemicals
are carried out, to be absolutely sure there are no possibilities of water born diseases being
passed to your swimmers.  Water safety for your swimming pool in France also means pool
water that is disease free.  (
Swimming pool security is another matter altogether.)
Handling of chemicals on a regular basis is not pleasant - often the chlorine tablets and
powder release fumes as soon as the container is opened, causing stinging to the eyes and
coughing.  Also, one needs to ensure the only chemicals being put into the swimming pool are
the ones intended -  chlorine tablets and powders also contain a stabilizer, cyanuric acid.  As
the chlorine evaporates out of the water, cyanuric acid does not.  With the frequent addition
of hand dosed chlorine, cyanuric acid increases and does not reduce, although the chlorine
does.  Too much cyanuric acid stabilises the water, thus making further additions of chlorine
ineffective.  This means water safety for your swimming pool in France is compromised.  The
only way to alleviate this problem is to remove some of the pool water.

With hand addition of chemicals the swimming pool water must be tested several times a week
to ensure chlorine and pH are at the correct levels, then further chemicals may need to be
added to correct any imbalance, water allowed to circulate, followed by further water testing -
all this before allowing swimmers into the pool.
If you want to use chlorine as your sanitiser and:-
want to ensure there are no water born diseases passed on to swimmers,
want crystal clear water at all times
do not want to handle chemicals on a regular basis
want to ensure the chemicals being put into the pool are the minimum required to keep
it in tip top condition,
want to ensure the pool water is at the optimum rate  without having to frequently test
the water.
want to know at a glance the pool water is safe and ready to swim in at all times.
The JEP control is an economic way of maintaining safe water chemistry in
both spas and pools and has been used in Australia for the past 25 years.
The JEP control continually tests chlorine and pH levels and automatically adds small
amounts of chemicals as required every 3 minutes.  Warning lights and alarms will signal if
ever either level is too high or too low and not at the optimum for swimming. This means  
swimming pool water safety for your swimming pool in France is optimised as it is always
correctly sanitised meaning that viruses, bacteria and amoeba are unable to live in the water,
i.e. No water borne diseases.
With the JEP control, the pump and filtering system are also free from bacteria, meaning less
cleaning required and no chances of bacteria colonising the filters.  The JEP control takes
approximately  30 minutes to sanitise an average size pool from poor quality to excellent, this
means the pump does not need to run as long, providing a saving on pump running time and
wear and tear should you chose to run the pump for less time, yet still providing water safety
for your swimming pool in France.
Chemicals can be purchased at you local DIY and will cost an estimate of 90€ p.a.  

You will never have to hand dose your pool with chemicals again.
You will have total peace of mind that both you and your family and friends are
protected from water borne diseases.  
You will have total water safety for your swimming pool in France.  
Your pool becomes the leisure pleasure it should be.
water-safety JEP control for swimming pools in France
water-safety JEP control installation
water-safety JEP control
water-safety JEP control front for swimming pools in France
water-safety JEP control chemical storage option
water-safety chemicals
The JEP control can be added retrospectively to any swimming pool.  So, if you already have
a pool, you can still have a JEP control unit installed. Alternatively, if you purchase a pool
elsewhere, this unit can be installed with your new pool.  And if you purchase a swimming
pool and JEP unit from us, it can be installed during your pool installation in France ensuring
you have
water safety from the start with crystal clear water at all times.

For peace of mind and
swimming pool water safety with JEP control; contact us

Water safety for swimming pools in France